Thursday, March 16, 2006


We walked the streets and I kept my disposable camera under wraps. We tried to understand the subway and took in the culture of urban dwellers. I kept saying to myself "hey, I could do this! I love the city."
And I was free to say it because I had money in my pocket and I wasn't alone.

A city takes in all kinds and it distracts you. And you can find someone to fight with or alongside. The wealthy of the top floor at least provides the crumbs for those who gather underneath the table. Cities offer the world at the next station, but some children never leave the Borough.
Then the most amazing contrast. We took ourselves to Times Square Church. And we agreed together, these strangers gathered to the feast prepared for us, that we would worship God in Jesus.
And we all could say, but not with words, that we knew His spirit and we knew His people. The impression of Him far outweighed the Musicals, the Food and the Wealth. It outweighed the sight of the girl arriving 2 am to the hotel. Or the man curled up in the rain.
I had two dollars to take the train there, and the clear head to find my way.
God Bless the City