Wednesday, September 23, 2009

.... and all who live in it

The earth is the Lord's and everything in it. It's only by the Lord's love for me though Jesus Christ that I can even begin to understand these words. All my senses are overwhelmed by this verse. There is no category to this statement. Take it or leave it; It is his; the earth; everything. And if that's hard to understand then maybe this will help: the world. And all who live in it.

I wonder what kind of music went with this. At first I thought it could be with shouts and drums. But now I think I would sing it very soft and high, slowly so that every word would carry the weight. The Psalmist confronts everyone who has ears to hear.
Last week we memorized "who is man that You would care for him?"

Today we say "who can stand in His holy place?" This song gives us time to think of the Lord as Creator King. If I would only stop and sing it. This week I have been very busy with my stuff. I have straightened closets and organized my sewing room. I have been planning what clothes I would like to make over the next few weeks and what I can do to decorate the house. I am going on a trip next week. What should I pack? How much should I spend when I get there? Do I even want to pay attention to that question? Christmas is coming up. There are books I want to read. I really could use a new coffee maker, new bathroom rugs, my car washed.

Today if I sing with myself in mind, it is a plaintive tune. Because I don't live as someone who considers all I have as belonging to God.

I am what you might say an indoor person. Every once in a while I go outside and remember that creation is an awesome and beautiful thing. But there are quilts to make which are better made on my kitchen table. I'm a homebody. So while some might think on God's creation and marvel, I need to look on the man made things and be grateful. Everything in it!
The sewing machine, the car, the TV, the food in the fridge, the Taco Bell...... all the necessities of life: (Yeah Man!)

So I have really only begun to meditate on this verse. What will it mean for me tomorrow? I cannot study this poem. I have to sing it. I can't know this Psalm, I have to experience it. I memorized these words and now I can dream them. They are In my mind and shaping my soul as they have for David. Was he a king yet when he wrote this? Well anyone can tell that a King owns everything in his domain. Who can parcel out what is God's and what is not? Who could go up to His Kingdom to possess it?
Who has clean hands and pure heart? I know Jesus Christ is the one. He goes up that hill and He stands in that Holy Place.
Say it again. Say to yourself that the earth is the Lord's. Everything. The world and all who live in it. The gates move and the doors open. The King of Glory enters the earth, the world and all who live in it. To live is to stand in the holy place. The Word remains or it is no word at all. It remains whether I notice or not.

But today, thankfully I hear the invitation to lift up my head. The King of Glory is coming into my sewing room. He's about me on the freeway, in my heart and my mind, in my empty tummy and my full tummy. Thank you. Thank you. I am in the world and I am yours. So take what I concern myself with and be lifted up with it. Whatever is fine, what ever is noble, whatever is of good reputation, let it lift up my head that the King of Glory may come in.

Monday, September 14, 2009

New Psalms

Oh Lord I am calling
will call and must always call. I will also call
as others call
Call out to you like birds would
caw caw
The sound comes back to me as
your people are the mountain that
makes the echo.
I hear them call, we call
an abrasive music, caw

Oh Lord you hear us.