Monday, October 15, 2007

The Basics

It is easier to belong to a faction that simply tells what Jesus Christ has done for me, and easier to become a devotee of divine healing, or of a special type of sanctification, or of the baptism of the Holy Spirit

It's one of those days. I am letting some peace come into my spirit by just allowing my thoughts to rest on Jesus Christ. I look for him everywhere. It has been a dense fog of late. But my only imagination can be this: That I can know that I am at peace with God.
This is His reason. And when nothing else adds up, then I meditate on one thing that is a conclusion. God is at peace with me. The gospel tells me this. It is the only thing I am listening to now.

But as Chambers goes on to say, the Apostle Paul preached the gospel. I need something to settle on. I may not have the job of telling it like Paul felt he did, but I am needing it like water. Peace like water.

Thursday, October 11, 2007


...sights from my time with Karin. We avoided arrest from the Italian Bus Police and abduction along a dark Tuscan road. I'm only being a little dramatic. I am once again humbled by International travel. It is not the cloth of which I am cut, but I loved having Karin to myself for 10 days. The weather was fantastic. My favorite thing, despite the dark evening walks, was the hostel tucked up against the Northern Hills of Florence. Thank you to the orchestra players who practiced late into the night. Thank you to the friendly man on the Venenza canal boat, who despite his wife's embarrassment, tried his best to speak English with me. Thank you to Karin for braving me and my sporatic travel plans and spending her break with me. 5 1/2 weeks and counting!