Friday, October 21, 2005

What are we saying about our faith? The DaVinci Code is a work of fiction based on the art and relics of history. Do you know that history?
Every people group is vulnerable to prejudice and misrepresentaion when ignorance is involved. Christians are getting ready for slander and misunderstanding from this upcoming movie.
The best suggestion I've read, in way of protest, is to hold off, at the very least, until after opening weekend to avoid the numbers game that plays with every movie demographic. The medium itself isn't to blame or the industry that supports it.
We need to know the scriptures! We need to minister by listening and responding in a way that brings understanding, not judgemental pity parties about how Christians aren't respected. I'm all for the blog storm that could reflect an intelligent representation of Christ and his followers. The world watches. How do you look?
Some good news this morning, and some bad news: We're stuck with each other.
I love all things Nouwen and I love the curious ferocious way of God. Compelling isn't it? Thy Grace is Sufficient: Is The Church Important?

Thursday, October 20, 2005


Chairmaine Yoest is one of the best things that happened to me @ GodBlogCon. Getting to meet some of the leading bloggers has given me a real education of purpose and scope.
Here I'm having you link to her section on the G8 and the ONE campaign. I marvel that she's there as it's happening, but that's my small town mentality.
My interest is peaked as she is giving insight into the spiritual culture of the UK. So near...... and yet so far. Look at how much we exchange. Music, fashion, politics, and sometimes language. But in what ways do we exchange in Spiritual thought and growth? Are they showing us the sign of the times? Will we, as church, participate in their hard-earned wisdom? Or will we fight again over definitions? With such a varied history and with such varied influences, what beliefs do we really share?

In my search to understand "the point" of this blog, the missional relationship between US & UK church seems to be floating to the top

Saturday, October 15, 2005

I am clearly hampered by my lack of techie knowledge. I hoped to get a little more on this at GodBlog, but not for unavailability, just that I have received some caution.
Spiritual caution. It was time for me to stay home. I am happy to try and take a step back and process for awhile. All the "live" blogging can get one caught up in the rush of information. The information may bring on the power, but not necessarily the wisdom. The ones who have been blogging the longest are often the ones who have processed the most. This reminds me again of Andrew Jones' piece on blogging where he alludes to the words of Christ that instruct us to take a seat at the end of the table and wait to be called up to avoid humiliation. (I'm giving him credit, but for the life me, I can't find the link)
I loved the encouragement of GodBlod, but I also value the caution. If we represent Christ in this medium also, than this is a word for me. Blog voices should not supersede the unity of the church. I want to avoid the things that bring up anxiety about "being heard". I take the scripture about having an Advocate in heaven to mean that He is orchestrating all things in my life, even the Blog written as unto the Lord.
So maybe it's just me. I learned more about blogging and the people who blog. I met wonderful people behind some of the best blogging. But now I want to go away and listen to what the father is saying as I use this medium within my own salvation walls.

Friday, October 14, 2005

In light of what was mentioned at the Plenary: Three Women live-blogging on Hugh Hewitt. No need to defend ourselves or wave our flags. Write it and they will come
It's good to tell stories about what's happening right now.

This from Cameron Crowe.
Elizabethtown is his story of connecting to his family, an ongoing chronical of a generation represented by Crowe.
Christians want his story. He may use language we would not choose, but we should not disregard his insights because of the PG-13 rating. We can see his movie.
Thanks for talking to Hugh, Cameron. Your wife did great stuff with the music.
It hurts to think I may be too old (!!) to relate to some of this story. A few scenes I just didn't get! But caught on that this couple maybe were better apart then together. At first. A flash back to years when letter writing might have brought people together in a more sincere way than a club night or a high school dance. LOVE the road trip.
Thanks for mentioning me-sort of. Is it too hard to spell? Thankfully I have something to offer, even if it's only a spelling bee.
I am listening in to the conversation here at Biola with Hugh Hewitt.
Still struggling with the tech aspects still. I will always have a certain attention span, but so learning so much. Like "yack shaving" from Joe Carter. Where else can I learn about that? One thought at a time. Get back to me if you gleaned the definition...

I am in the stream. The swift steam. Speak out on the radio, call someone on the phone or blog. But get involved. It can be exciting. I'm counting on it shaping me. My inner life shapes me. The inner life afforded by my freedom in Christ. The best things still abide as I let blogging shape me. I respect my blog elders. I encourage the youth blogger behind me. I say "come along" to the scientist, the writer, the theologian, the artist.

I have not been able to step back yet. I am hearing all sorts of voices. But one thing I suggest. Do not diminish yours. Do not apologize for your speech. As soon as I stop posting here, I'll stop by and listen. Don't hide behind your minority or make excuses for your lack of knowledge. Would I betray by saying some women admitted this to me? I don't recall a guy ever acting sorry for their blog energy. I like that. I'll follow their lead. If you don't know about something, find out. The blog, I'm sorry to say won't take care of your lack of thinking. It won't soothe your prejudice, or make your evangelicalism more appealing. You have to still become Christ to a dying world.
Talking in Circles

I respect these guys. They have a tough job. Bloggers with agendas. We need a platform. We need to make a point. This medium (media) is as good as the the voice behind it. As "Christian" bloggers, we can still be trapped in our closed culture.
Be there. Be out in the world. The same thinking that keeps a child in a bad church or a bad christian education, keeps the person in a bad blog that does not create as the calling intends. God's creatures are called to create.

But there are people who have problems that are not solved by the medium. We as a community shape the culture collectively.
Let's influence each other in the manners of interaction that really works. Not just for me or you, but for us.

I would venture to say that Jesus did not change culture. His followers did. He himself recognized that greater things would be done. He modeled his part. He honors us by asking us to do what he did.

Are we coming at our culture as "us" and "them"? Or coming with a good, truthful and beautiful offering for us all. Let the science come, and let the art come. It's coming and we can contribute. Stand up and contribute! Do you need permission? Let me invite you in.
I'm pleased to tell that I am in deep here @ GodBlog. I cannot possibly blog and listen at the same time, as I can hardly type, but it's way fun that I can even play at this. Here I am with John Mark Reynolds. Link on....

Thursday, October 13, 2005

I'm all moody and drunk on Orlando Bloom and Elizabethtown. Just got home from the preview afforded us at GodBlog (which would be highlighted if I knew how to do it...maybe by saturday...) Aside from decidedly awkward moments shot in a hotel ballroom, it told a visceral poem of one guy's ironic resurrection. This is the kind of film I love to sleep on; wondering what kind of dreaming it will stir up. An emo chick flick to be sure. And for all the best reasons. I could see my own reactions and my own longings here and I drove home to my own playlist, reliving memories that drew my own tears.
A story for a worthwhile cause. I can honor my story and the One who tells it.

I found this link through
Interesting discussion maybe. I have been turned off to this show from the beginning, but am interested in those who find it appealing. I might follow this thread myself.
Can "Deperate Housewives" possibly offer something to me? Will this blog help me discover something redemptive? Let's see...

Wednesday, October 12, 2005

Here's another web-site.
I am just beginning to get on board here. Blogs, links, RSS, it's cool, but the good stuff is intimidating. So now here is another great looking site with all these links.
Church on the Web.
I am overwhelmed. I wonder which voice to listen to, let alone the one who may be new to this Jesus stuff.
I want it all to be available to everyone. But who are we kidding? Who can get to the stuff but the one who has resources and time for it.
It is not the new wave of the church. It is the new consumer toy of the affluent.
The new wave of the church is Jesus being followed by his disciples into the unclean places. I need to repent toward that.
Your blog? Tell your friends about it. Write your little heart out-I mean it. But do the stuff you say. Humbly do the stuff you say.

Tuesday, October 04, 2005

Week 2: Mentor's Log-
I have the badge to prove it. I have the 19 year old to prove it. And I'm showing up.
These are my qualifications for mentoring mothers of pre-schoolers.
I came in late, so I was just in time for a hot potato dish breakfast without too much trouble. Except, as I was all worried about the wonderful and uplifting pearls of wisdom I would lay down on these belegered mums, I forgot that I had to get my own 13 year-old boy to zero period marching practice.

First advice: Don't be like me or don't care. My husband has a steel trap mind for infinite and basic details. I didn't know I forgot the practice until he called me to remind me I forgot. We have to stop meeting like this, I say to him. I don't like to forget things. It makes me so shamed that I have decided to forget about it.
As we sat and talked, munching hot potato dish, I noticed that it's really hard to be a parent. It was 19 years ago when I started and well, look it there, it's still hard. I am all for supporting those in hard times, but I don't really get into supporting whining. There is definitly a difference.

Second Advice: Be the parent. It's so awesome to be an adult. You can have a drink (how scandelous), you can play slots, you can drive yourself to an R rated movie. And the obvious stuff too... But you have to be the parent. The obvious stuff made you one. Live up to your potential. And being an adult is also about all the good stuff you can do. Like making a choice to stop doing everything, so you can do one thing decent. Like giving a child your next 70 years of love. Which leads to advice .....

Number Three: Hang in there. My children grew up! I don't know how they did that. But I like them and that's the biggest surprise of all. They suckered me into loving them with their fluffy short legs and the fuzz at the back of their necks. But as much as I thought I would miss that, we have our own little tribe now. They think it's so cool that they tell their peers about their own little tribe someday. I overhear them and I think Oh, I haven't scarred them. I haven't forgotten about too many early morning band rehearsels. Which leads me to

Fourth Advice: Honor the Co-Captain. Husband has been bery, bery, good to me. Too bad he can't wrestle the stuffins out of 'em anymore like back in the day. But then, the need is gone. So now, he is the other one who has the sense when I don't, the sense when I won't and the head-lock grip on the family should it ever come to that. Good stuff. But then I have to say that today 'cause he doesn't have enough estrogen to get in the room.

Monday, October 03, 2005

I make with prayer
What others make with blood
Cells would form where
I call on his Name.
History is what
My grafting makes with
Alliances strung together
After days and days.
Each one growing into a
Home in the heart where
Genetics usually hide