Friday, October 14, 2005

It's good to tell stories about what's happening right now.

This from Cameron Crowe.
Elizabethtown is his story of connecting to his family, an ongoing chronical of a generation represented by Crowe.
Christians want his story. He may use language we would not choose, but we should not disregard his insights because of the PG-13 rating. We can see his movie.
Thanks for talking to Hugh, Cameron. Your wife did great stuff with the music.
It hurts to think I may be too old (!!) to relate to some of this story. A few scenes I just didn't get! But caught on that this couple maybe were better apart then together. At first. A flash back to years when letter writing might have brought people together in a more sincere way than a club night or a high school dance. LOVE the road trip.

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