Saturday, June 30, 2007

the poet

The humble man sits for hours
awaiting a poem
an attention
That rivals architectures
latticed with money
systems or
knotted with micro

His work is anticipation
threshing out the
thoughts of silence
That contrast harmonies
colored with signatures
once empty
never heard until

He is commonly seen
as an isolated man
Because imagination
defies what was,
falling forward
out of meager

His metaphor is meat and sleep
as usual among
any tribe
The communal tone of
histories ripe
with belief bringing
daily bread by day;
then bedded night

His listening is wealthy
with tutors of
That is dispensed among
unsighted waterways
agreed on in
corner diners;

He sees and he hears and
he feels and he
That patience of books
which lie peaceful,
all worlds; not lonely, but heavens
love caused to write.

Friday, June 29, 2007

Video Poem

...from a neighbor of the Simple Way

Friday, June 22, 2007

the simple way

Pray and contribute. It's that simple.

The Simple Way in Philadelphia suffered enormous loss as a fire destroyed their neighborhood on June 20th. Thank God no one was injured. Now it's time to recover and respond.

Shane came to visit us last fall. He, along with others in his household are showing us a renewing patience and acceptence toward one another. We really can live together. We can take what is ours and share it with our neighbor. We really are more than our selves. Let's help them. Go here to contribute funds.