Wednesday, August 06, 2008

A Note About Nairobi

Thanks Paul, I know your thoughts come from your experience.
I certainly don't have any special quality to offer. But I'm willing.
Our plans have changed to travel in November. I hope to teach and/or encourage some possibly forgotten and abandoned fiber crafts. There is an active group who manage and oversee micro-business financing applications. I hope for a long term benefit for them, but also know that to make something useful and beautiful has meant everything to me. I know there are people who long to do the same. It is a luxury for many.

I hate that communities are stripped of their imagination and co-creation with God. Poverty is cruel and may even be death to the craftsman who can't work his craft. I have an abundance that is waiting to be received. They, in turn, have an abundance.

Karin's trip was full of joy. The faithful surrounded them and those who longed for community were free to join them. Hope Center is growing because of the need. And it's growing because people are acting out of love. I cannot stop and mourn the millions who need more. Or rather I mourn it as we meet together and do what we can. We gotta do what we can. ;)