Tuesday, December 23, 2008

Come Early!!

If for nothing else, come see the costmes!!

Merry Christmas

Thursday, December 18, 2008

Nairobi Journal

November 16
It's cool and overcast. The open reserve next to the airport has giraffes in the distance. But I guess I'm feeling too serious to get excited about it. Or still tired.
Keith is laughing all the time. He's so glad to see Arty. I get the front seat. Tim is patient and engaged. I can be quiet. There's a lot of traffic and roundabouts and so may walking.
It all looks familiar. I don't know why. The slum even seemed familiar The people just looked tired to me. The troubled and sick side by side with the able and self-sufficient. But the smallest of children in the street were a shock. Some with no pants, no expression. Like life hadn't begun yet.
I didn't like to see the children. I was self-conscious. But I can't let myself think of it. I am what I am and I must also be a steward.
The school is community. They are the best that they have. It's the way we could be...

With the two women we met today, Naomi and Eliabeth in her regal purple, I knew there were others. And there are the ones who do not even know what abundant life can mean. I think Elizabeth knows.
Do I know?

I want this place to make me more at my own home. Why are we going to Kenya to find them?
I gave Kathy the coffee and tea.
She made us enchiladas.
She told me she is a mother. And then a missionary. Help her more Lord. Come and console and fulfill more.
Life always has us going higher.

Wednesday, December 17, 2008

Nairobi Journal

November 15

Remembering back to that Saturday night all I can think of is "I'm tired!" We hadn't even begun. But maybe that's just my memory. I was sick. The fires, the traffic, the drama aver the fires, the drama over the traffic. All of us were nervous about our tickets.
During all of this I called out to God, but it didn't carry assurance. I just called. Once. That's all the energy I had for it. Now with my new skill, I tried to forget about it. This is where you think God has a plan and though you're not for sure about why and how you have to rmember all the steps that got you here.
We had to walk through open doors after all that trial and prayer that comes before it.

I was sick before I got out of the car.
I slept the whole way to London. I began to feel better on the flight to Nairobi.

I am in the moment. No anxiety. Just watching things as they come.