Saturday, October 15, 2005

I am clearly hampered by my lack of techie knowledge. I hoped to get a little more on this at GodBlog, but not for unavailability, just that I have received some caution.
Spiritual caution. It was time for me to stay home. I am happy to try and take a step back and process for awhile. All the "live" blogging can get one caught up in the rush of information. The information may bring on the power, but not necessarily the wisdom. The ones who have been blogging the longest are often the ones who have processed the most. This reminds me again of Andrew Jones' piece on blogging where he alludes to the words of Christ that instruct us to take a seat at the end of the table and wait to be called up to avoid humiliation. (I'm giving him credit, but for the life me, I can't find the link)
I loved the encouragement of GodBlod, but I also value the caution. If we represent Christ in this medium also, than this is a word for me. Blog voices should not supersede the unity of the church. I want to avoid the things that bring up anxiety about "being heard". I take the scripture about having an Advocate in heaven to mean that He is orchestrating all things in my life, even the Blog written as unto the Lord.
So maybe it's just me. I learned more about blogging and the people who blog. I met wonderful people behind some of the best blogging. But now I want to go away and listen to what the father is saying as I use this medium within my own salvation walls.


jan@theviewfromher said...

Some very wise and insightful thoughts. There is definitely a lot to think about as we all go home to consider our next posts. It was so nice to meet you...I'll be back to visit your blog!

Rusty said...

Ditto the comment on it being nice to meet you Suzanna. I was looking for you today to guide you through the steps involved in pasting links... but I'm sure you'll get there soon enough.

BTW, I posted a pic of you and Bonnie at New Covenant.


Anonymous said...

hey, this is merrick.......i am sneakin a peak at your blog....quite similar to the one on