Thursday, October 20, 2005


Chairmaine Yoest is one of the best things that happened to me @ GodBlogCon. Getting to meet some of the leading bloggers has given me a real education of purpose and scope.
Here I'm having you link to her section on the G8 and the ONE campaign. I marvel that she's there as it's happening, but that's my small town mentality.
My interest is peaked as she is giving insight into the spiritual culture of the UK. So near...... and yet so far. Look at how much we exchange. Music, fashion, politics, and sometimes language. But in what ways do we exchange in Spiritual thought and growth? Are they showing us the sign of the times? Will we, as church, participate in their hard-earned wisdom? Or will we fight again over definitions? With such a varied history and with such varied influences, what beliefs do we really share?

In my search to understand "the point" of this blog, the missional relationship between US & UK church seems to be floating to the top

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