Wednesday, October 12, 2005

Here's another web-site.
I am just beginning to get on board here. Blogs, links, RSS, it's cool, but the good stuff is intimidating. So now here is another great looking site with all these links.
Church on the Web.
I am overwhelmed. I wonder which voice to listen to, let alone the one who may be new to this Jesus stuff.
I want it all to be available to everyone. But who are we kidding? Who can get to the stuff but the one who has resources and time for it.
It is not the new wave of the church. It is the new consumer toy of the affluent.
The new wave of the church is Jesus being followed by his disciples into the unclean places. I need to repent toward that.
Your blog? Tell your friends about it. Write your little heart out-I mean it. But do the stuff you say. Humbly do the stuff you say.

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