Friday, October 14, 2005

I am listening in to the conversation here at Biola with Hugh Hewitt.
Still struggling with the tech aspects still. I will always have a certain attention span, but so learning so much. Like "yack shaving" from Joe Carter. Where else can I learn about that? One thought at a time. Get back to me if you gleaned the definition...

I am in the stream. The swift steam. Speak out on the radio, call someone on the phone or blog. But get involved. It can be exciting. I'm counting on it shaping me. My inner life shapes me. The inner life afforded by my freedom in Christ. The best things still abide as I let blogging shape me. I respect my blog elders. I encourage the youth blogger behind me. I say "come along" to the scientist, the writer, the theologian, the artist.

I have not been able to step back yet. I am hearing all sorts of voices. But one thing I suggest. Do not diminish yours. Do not apologize for your speech. As soon as I stop posting here, I'll stop by and listen. Don't hide behind your minority or make excuses for your lack of knowledge. Would I betray by saying some women admitted this to me? I don't recall a guy ever acting sorry for their blog energy. I like that. I'll follow their lead. If you don't know about something, find out. The blog, I'm sorry to say won't take care of your lack of thinking. It won't soothe your prejudice, or make your evangelicalism more appealing. You have to still become Christ to a dying world.

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