Friday, October 14, 2005

Talking in Circles

I respect these guys. They have a tough job. Bloggers with agendas. We need a platform. We need to make a point. This medium (media) is as good as the the voice behind it. As "Christian" bloggers, we can still be trapped in our closed culture.
Be there. Be out in the world. The same thinking that keeps a child in a bad church or a bad christian education, keeps the person in a bad blog that does not create as the calling intends. God's creatures are called to create.

But there are people who have problems that are not solved by the medium. We as a community shape the culture collectively.
Let's influence each other in the manners of interaction that really works. Not just for me or you, but for us.

I would venture to say that Jesus did not change culture. His followers did. He himself recognized that greater things would be done. He modeled his part. He honors us by asking us to do what he did.

Are we coming at our culture as "us" and "them"? Or coming with a good, truthful and beautiful offering for us all. Let the science come, and let the art come. It's coming and we can contribute. Stand up and contribute! Do you need permission? Let me invite you in.

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