Thursday, October 13, 2005

I'm all moody and drunk on Orlando Bloom and Elizabethtown. Just got home from the preview afforded us at GodBlog (which would be highlighted if I knew how to do it...maybe by saturday...) Aside from decidedly awkward moments shot in a hotel ballroom, it told a visceral poem of one guy's ironic resurrection. This is the kind of film I love to sleep on; wondering what kind of dreaming it will stir up. An emo chick flick to be sure. And for all the best reasons. I could see my own reactions and my own longings here and I drove home to my own playlist, reliving memories that drew my own tears.
A story for a worthwhile cause. I can honor my story and the One who tells it.

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Gina Halladay said...

Hellooooo Suzanna! I have converted over to the dark side of blogging...just another excuse not to do housework. I have been writing about Quilt Market. I interviewed Amy Butler at Market and we have even sent a few emails back and forth. (She is my new best friend from last years market!) Anyway, I keep thinking I will run into you at Cozy to tell you about my blog...But I don't check it out at would love to hear what you think. g.