Tuesday, November 29, 2005

Where Are We to Buy Bread...

...that these may eat? John 6:5
Si Johnston spurs me on to write this:

The church and it's mother Israel has only lay dormant in the face of injustice because it refused to listen and act upon the words of her prophets.
We must strive for justice right where we find ourselves. The story of the paralytics healing reflects lives that are connected to real people. The Emergant Village has it's own. Let them attend to it, without being overwhelmed. The main hurdle now is our western pride that says we should save some third world when we do not even attend to our neighbor. Let's be careful not to tie our hands numb with however a well meaning pity or righteous cause.

Is there an ebb and flow in the sowing of justice? I just read from Nouwen something about a withdrawing from community that can serve it as well as participation. For the nurture of the soul in solitude also cultivates what can be gifted to the whole upon reunion. Namely prayer. God is at work as Jesus asks us to trust. (John 5:17)
Anytime you find something for your hand to do, do it with all your might. I cannot serve justice in my endless talk of it. But in my active listening. Jesus living among you asks that the ears who would hear, let them hear.
Only self-deception dulls our ear to the prophet. The call for justice never ceases. Guard the well-spring of your life. Serve out of the abundant life that can only come from Christ.

My heart, for one, can only bear the capacity of my neighbor. God lets me know who my neighbor is by the compassion that flows through me; His life.

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Shari said...

What a wonderful post! I clicked through to your blog from godblogroll because you mentioned Madeliene L'Engle (whom I love) and Henri Nouwen (whom I adore)! Two of my favorite movies of all time are Shadowlands and About a Boy . . . another similarity we share!

Thank you for sharing such a meaningful post . . . it made me think of many things in my life that I need to work on.