Tuesday, December 27, 2005

A Visitor

I had a very special visitor on Christmas. Somehow, the author of Christ the Lord Out of Egypt, Anne Rice found my blog on Christmas Eve.

I have seen that Ms. Rice has commented on other blogs as she peruses thoughts on her book. But my entry had been back in November, way past easy Technorati searches.

It was a gift. A special "mailing" this year, her comment. As I finished the book today, so beautiful in it's love for Christ as well as it's portrayal of what could have been, I found the story to be familiar. In the way of mystery, His story is always familiar. And even though I have not met Anne Rice, she is familiar to me in the way she relates to the Lord and relates that to her reader. We are all drawn to the beautiful man, the Beautiful God who really does tell us the story of our Faith; what we know we most need to hear.

Please, if you have any interest in the testimony of a changed life, find the time to watch the video feed in it's entirety. I have here linked to the video of an interview that continues to encourage me as when I watched it this morning.

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