Monday, January 02, 2006

All Our Hands are Dirty

With my son, daughter and friend I saw Syriana last night. It was not as violent as I expected it to be, but it's hopeless images left a mark on me. Every character in this movie has their humanity all over them.
I knew it would be political, presenting a side of the story with the usual villains; corrupt government, greedy corporates, naive up-and-coming youths with their idealism.
Did any one else see the inference in the corporate names?
CONnex and KILLen.
Is it a coincidence that there is something in a name, converging to make a power that murders through deception?
But what was new and welcome to my sense is how this movie puts all our world players in the same desperate world. All the various motives and lies that hold up our world structure make all of us involved and important. It does matter how I react. It does matter how it is all connected. The story seems to demand a reaction that will offer more hope than a suicide bomber or a displaced, desperate government worker.
How can I make a difference? Instead of hardening my heart to the need, I must continue to allow the injustice to effect me, even going against the political tide of my community that turns our face from the collective greed in SUVs and thoughtless consumption. When will I begin to fast from that which does have it's roots in the poverty of others?
We are beholding to the Kings of the Earth. And in this movie about the Oil, the Middle East and American Greed, we apparently have many kings. Who is mine?
Who is willing to die in a way that brings life? Yes, the west and all it's philosophy does fail the destitute, and the forms of religion that continue to bring oppression. Good men everywhere know that we must continue to fight for justice. How will I emulate my King? Does His Kingdom reach from me across the world which I can now view from my laptop?
If I found myself in a small room with those my life could effect, would I disclose myself and offer the Good News of His Kingdom?

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