Sunday, July 09, 2006


This is just a case of the sub-conscience picking the book when the frontal lobe wasn't paying attention.

There is some undisclosed info in my own family that this book subject centers on. I'll leave that to your imagination, but this book merely pealed back my family's own story and laid out consequences that I have seen play out among my own loved ones.

If you take up this read, you will find a generation of story that goes deep into secrets and the fall-out emotions spent over a lifetime. It tells a story of second chances, when that isn't always possible. It has a logical, partial happy ending, but left me with re-living some memories of my own. Not my favorite book this summer, for personal reasons. I'll be happy to chat with you about it "hardware style" over a venti-my life's not the one that's secretive.

Truly ironic, how books find you!

Read it if you're looking for a great family drama. It's paints a redemptive story.

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