Tuesday, August 22, 2006

Mind Your Elders

This elder brother is saying so much to me and I am hearing his justice. We all love justice deep down. Who hasn't suffered doing the right thing only to forget that all that work just might keep him from the reward of that work? I for my part have given what I now wonder if I never really released. The gift has now gone it's way and disappeared. The other son has come home and I am stuck out in the field, hearing the music, but hurting too much to come inside.
I am loving so much that the Father has come outside to plead with me! I rant and rave in my own accent and see that Love is calling me in too. I might be able in a moment, just give me a moment.

Now it is time for the elder to come home, to come home to the blessing. What do you think that blessing should look like? The elder thought it sould look like the party the Father was giving to the one who sinned.
But what will it look like for the elder and the younger to meet when he finally comes inside? Can the younger also come to his brother and offer everything he is to the offended one? Never mind rights! It's not about who's right any more. It's about pulling each other in and hearing from all sides "this party isn't complete without you. I'm sorry I sinned against you, I humble myself because you are worth more than my righteousness."
The love the Elder really needs is not out in the field. It's with the fellow sinner in a place called home.

I am still wondering. Father, give me one good reason why I should come inside.

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michel said...

Thing is, there's no guarantee that once you're inside the love you seek will be there. What if the older brother joins them and the younger brother is totally consumed with the attention he's receiving? What if it's lonelier inside than it was in the field? Just a thought.
I like your blog!
p.s. I'm a fan of the Raconteurs too.