Tuesday, August 29, 2006

So Far So Good

Karin misses me sufficiently. Not too much, not too little. I can even lend a hand at internet tools. Next step is for her to get a blog. I'd read it! Then again, that may be the drawback.
The Vanguard University campus (formerly Southern California College back in the day) is just right for the type of college it is. And close by is Buffalo Exchange, where K will work. I'm really happy for her and am looking forward to sharing this time with her.

The house is pretty quiet, a little cleaner perhaps, but not very fun. I still may not be recovered and I feel badly for those who are left in this dwelling with me. But I am thankful for small graces and a few friends who are listening for me at the door of their lives. The world is really a beautiful place. The fog may yet clear for me to see it properly.


Joel Hickenbottom said...

Your daughter is going to work at Buffalo? I have 3 friends that work there at the Lab. Pretty cool.

michel said...

Are you having an empty nest feeling?

Suzanna said...

More like an empty nest, tree and forest feeling!

michel said...

Oh I don't look forward to that. It's cruel how all that nurturing is all about preparing them to leave us. Plants are so much easier, LOL.