Monday, September 25, 2006

Can I enjoy the fruit but not the tree?

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I am taking my cues from this book for my journaling. Like Fr. Driscoll, I am taking a word and enjoying what I have to say to myself about it. Authors of books become kindred spirits. I feel that affinity with Jeremy Driscoll.
I began to research him, and the publisher of his book. What I find there leads me even farther from home and I am skeptical. Cautious and not easily convinced. This publisher does not do the deciding for me. It offers many books on other philosophies and religious practices. And even as I am casually curious about my new literary friend, I get set off today by the vast heading of "Christian" books. It's a big wide world, and although I am ready to listen, I am not ready to buy the cow and farm, as it were.
I feel that over the past year I have examined many erroneous lines of thought on my part and have been willing to change and become more accepting. But there are limits. I am reminded that there are limits. And the truth that I pursue is served by limits. What those need to be is beyond my declaration, but I am happy with the choice to examine and say "I don't know." At least not yet.

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michel said...

Interesting, I hope you'll process this even more on your blog. Are you a lifetime Christian? I wonder what specifically you're finding to be nearing your boundaries? Being very new to the faith, I'm curious about definitions and hot buttons.