Monday, September 11, 2006

the Corp

Finally saw it and it just reinforces my desire to live a sustainable life right here in my own kitchen and closet. I cannot wait to downsize, live more simply and cheaply and get back to making all my own clothes again. I am committed to not getting anything until I understand where it's coming from. I am too powerful with my choices to not take heed.
I'm so glad K is working at Buffalo Exchange. I'm so glad I can have the option to get a hybrid car. I am finally glad I live in a Democratic state that is getting some clean air legislation on the books. I'm so glad we can sell this home and make a choice to live near where we work and worship.
I am overwhelmed after seeing Inconvinient Truth and now this movie. Even though some issues might be politically super-charged, I want to live in my conscience, grateful for the wisdom and the will to do what's right.
About fifteen years ago I really began paying attention to all the garbage I generate. I hated giving my kids juice boxes and happy meals with trash for toys. I got overwhelmed by the mega-super markets with the endless supply of 12 to 24 packs and the leaning tower of paper towels at Cost-Co. I am happy now to have the spell broken. I was right! It isn't good, all this garbage! I'm excited to think about how much money I'll save now that I'm not shopping even at cheap Old Navy every other week. I won't be having anything new except what I make with my own hands. I am running my own sanctions protest against my own spending.
What would our lives look like if we truly were sustainable as families?
I am ready for this.


michel said...

Yeah, and then maybe you can make me some clothes since I can't sew and I can purchase them from you and then other people will see how awesome your stuff is and they'll want your clothes and suddenly you'll be making money and the orders will start pouring in and... then what?
(hee, hee)

Suzanna said...

sounds like a nice problem...
I had an epiphany about a yarn shop though...I'll keep you posted as to that progress

lisa said...

This is so cool Suzanne. We're thinking about the same things and it's exciting and very freeing to say to yourself, "No, Joneses, I don't have to keep up with you! No Madison Avenue, I won't be your dupe any longer!"

I'm not a seamstress, so I've decided to buy all my clothing now from places where the monies will go directly to the women (usually women) in developing nations who are sewing them. It's kinda cool to whittle down one's options.