Monday, October 09, 2006

Some Things Worth Saving

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My friend gave me this. She received a box from her mother's friend. It had all the scraps of calico purchased from the local department store where she lived in 1960's Iowa. Amoungst the quirky fabric was this child's pattern tenderly folded in a clear brown sugar plastic baggie (the elder saved everything of use. Recycling before it was a planitary caution) To get warmed up for my Industrious Cottage of sewing my own garments, I made up the vintage pattern.

I'll post the results when the buttons are sewn...

1 comment:

alain (alien) said...

i really dig this!!!

you get to make you own clothes?!?!

you're really lucky.

I want to...but I don't have a sewing machine. maybe I can go to your house and we can have a clothes making day.

I'm sorry for not staying in touch.
I'll email you sooooon!

hope to see you in a couple of hours!


Love you tons among tons and tons!!!