Tuesday, November 14, 2006

After the Houseguest

On November 5th
They came.
We talked with Shane.
We ate.
The fledglings, myself included, mingled about and looked harder at each other and the future of our faith.
Well, what shall we do now?

I think we agree that we are meant for each other. We can only really live if we stick together. Use whatever you've got. Enjoy the ones that are around you, they are really quite unique.

It's okay to dream out loud and meet the ones who stir up our dreaming. Then we wander off and remember the time we had together.
23 of us.
Maybe like a church.
Maybe like the start of something, like Jesus was true.
Maybe a way to feel the love we need to feel in order to change.

...and here's a couple photos of Joel and Karin that Cole took.

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