Thursday, February 22, 2007

freedom for you

I have liberation in hope
tied to this 3-D frame
I don't ever give up.

The spirit doesn't need me to
know his name
The blessing comes just the same
Just the same to king or queen-
replicas reverberate that distant ring.

I can't deny the breathe I have
it feeds my ears to hear it sing
My tears try to deny it
my feet seem chained
But my soul resurrects when
he sings it: please sing

"out over the past of what happened
what lives, I sing of my mansion
my father still gives
You must not imagine it too fine nor hidden
my heart is your love
I stand in the open

have you heard of the prisoners,
the slaves in the ancients?
they want you to know of their
hope; they're contagious.

I fed them.
with the same blood and bones
I was stripped, lacerated
as you are
It's shameless!

Look for me! I'm in 'the best you can do'
I'm in heartbeats and first light
in what you won't do. Say no, say a lie-
I'm in every ingenious way that you try
to know me; I'm hope and I'm true
Freedom, it's freedom
freedom for you"

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