Monday, April 09, 2007

4/5 Visions Fall 4/8

The open meadow in mist
of light
cannot be touched by
gnome or knight

The droplets hang in
suspended day
layered in meaning
the sighted pay

The page is turned as
a white dust road
ancient prisoner
you may behold

The cool browed vista
that lead to this place
is still envisioned
an altered grace

The metaphor
in draught or flood
can only whisper
of the Good

Away it goes
the way of earth
a tale a cycle
a chosen birth

Promises of rain
and yield
push to resist
a barren field

To faint now in
the face of dread
dishonors faith
in what he said

I watch the seed
of life be sown
In visions cast
thrown down, outgrown

Something new
must hidden stay
in artifacts the
dead display

Seeds and sun or
clouds of rain
bring you embraced
recovered friend

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