Sunday, August 12, 2007

Coley and I had a healing time together this weekend. We talked always, save for sleep. We saw old friends. We nodded in recognition of the same old things.

Our lives are intricate, rich with currency of experience and heart. We spend ourselves for the ones we love and the ones who are hard to love.
In Ventura we also grieved. It was far from easy. We said goodbye to attitudes that had us hooked and people who could not meet us. We said goodbye to those who we could not meet. We are thankful for our friendship, and in that open space, we ponder the actions of many people, wondering what goes wrong, as well as what is right in the meeting. Then we move on.

I grasp at faith in God because of the beauty of it. Faith makes my life and the eyes with which I see a harmony. The reflex of God doesn't make me knowledgable, but it does make me wiser. I am better off in a larger company with those of faith than I am in the isolation of the rational.

...and it was good.
to see others having the same heart and now, to let go and move on.

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