Thursday, September 29, 2005

Aren't We All

The words I hear from the learned are only received by me through their actions. To stand before me and speak is meaningless without experiencing the action from the same source within you. Parents are told this all the time.

When I came to a certain man with whom I received instruction and asked for action from him, he declined. He would not consider my request. He tried to frame my need for friendship in another definition. So after some puzzlement, I found I had to walk away from his instruction. He may mean to do me well, but it doesn't run true to what he does. He wants my admiration for the great thoughts he espouses and for me to be cared for. Admiration from me for his well wishing. Comfort for me that costs him nothing. This is not beneficial to him or myself.

He is in the process of learning to "go the extra mile" as he had acted out the previous day.

The principal is grievously confronting yet again. I must give what I need most. I need to go the extra mile. This is not a kingdom of equality shared between "sovereign nations", but rather a generous revolution that cannot give but from the resources within.

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