Monday, September 12, 2005

The paper had an article from the New York Times about blogging and companies who are writing protocol for their employees. A list and all of etiquette like the ones Si Johnston spoke of at Soliton. So more is coming around for me about this medium and I am all ears.
I am a part of a community who speaks and reaches out no matter what the medium. Now matter whether it is face to face, or through the window of web, I'd still like the success of being heard. And to the extent that you need to be heard and how that is fulfilled will be the extent of your blogging.
And I am thinking I should put that last sentence in the first person.
Right now I have the sense of standing on a corner with my sandwich board. First you meet my words, but what I really want is to be met.
My theme of growth these days are Gates Of Praise in the context of an ancient nation spoken of in the Bible. There a dream is being offered of community that is monoGod. I am monocreature. He lets me speak in His community. What does He say through it? I'm listening.

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