Monday, September 26, 2005

We are all in the same condition, just different packaging.

I saw the crew working the cruise ship in an entirely new light. I wanted to hear their stories and to meet them. I think mostly of Cornelis from Indonesia and Christine from Jamaica. Both served me. I was humbled and grateful. Some of the crew referred to their children back home, saying that they speak to them every day, not seeing them for 7-8 months at a time. Christine told me how much she's looking forward to going to church; her next opportunity is November, when she gets off the ship. She says she's quitting. I hope there is something better for her at home...

Jesus would go on this cruise, I think, if he could somehow pay for it with kernels of wheat, and whatever was in the purse Judas kept. He would find the people I didn't want to hang out with. The ones I dismissed because they didn't value what I value. He did some stunning things from the inside of a boat. I regret I didn't let him do more through me.

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Steve said...

Well said...keep this up!!!