Tuesday, November 08, 2005

New Horizens

It's time to move on. I have been running a theme for many months about opening up my circle of influence and letting people into my life.
But I'm seeing that I have not been as comfortable with being alone any more. I have to cycle through the trust and let peole love me this time. To step back and see what comes. Henri Nouwen speaks of a love that survives solitude. I am going to touch that.
There are new fears in me that must be confronted. I'm not okay with the passage of time. I'm not okay with a life where I grow old. And I am about to discover what that means for me.
I'll have lots of time to think on this as I piece the graduation quilt for my daughter.

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Rebecca Snavely said...

Nouwen speaks of a love that survives solitude - I need to read more Nouwen. It's nice to meet you through your blog! Your previous post about your daughter was beautifully written.