Thursday, November 10, 2005

A Discussion of the Charismatic..

"The gifts must be rooted in an almost overwhelming sense of humility"
......I liked what I see here. The searching.

Can we have grace for each other? In my own searching, I trusted that the experiences I had in the charismatic were there to teach me things about people, about me, about God. I think if we ourselves are not willing to let God have his way, whatever that means, than we can hardly criticize those who are allowing a type of surrender to come into their lives. Many who have never desired to have all the gifts come at the "emotive" gifts as if they are humiliating and unintelligent. That's precisely what they are. They make messes, because people are messy. And the needs of men and women to communicate and experience God are as varied as the design of their faces. Scripture leaves room for this fleshing out. We are right to stay in the relationship with our Spiritual Siblings all the while guiding each other and listening, not with the intention to cease their growth, but to bring us all into the fullness of Christ.
There are unique experiences. Christ was unique with his spit. We don't demand that others follow that way of healing, nor would we blame Him for operating in that fashion.

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