Monday, November 14, 2005

Obsession vs Creativity

I''m wondering if the best way to deal with the latest groove being dug into my brain would be to just work with it and write. A book of sorts entitled "My Specific Subject" Write a journal where any and all emotion, reasoning, prayers or schizophrenic thought might find it's resting place. But I wonder if it will do any good. Can I trust myself to stay upright as I ruminate? I take a great risk. I usually write with a reader in mind. But for this subject, I must cut all harbor lines and let it take me where it will. That's what the Subject seems to be demanding of me. But will I return with my eye intact?
I'm thinking of how the eye sees upside down, our brains job to interpret as it is designed to do. My brain and my eye have not let me down so far. So yes, I think I shall go ahead. I've been brave before and it's brought me to some wonderful places.

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