Tuesday, December 06, 2005

Fresh Emerging

My friend just wrote me about the day he spent hearing a speaker forecasting the emerging church. He had avoided some meetings of Up and Comers because the tone of the conversation had the quality of grumbling. Who wants to hear that? I don't. So, wisely, as I also commend my own aversion, he stayed clear. Like me, he wants to hear about Jesus, and he wants to hear about how His people are moving against a stagnant society.
Bless his heart, he gave a good report. He told me it's exciting really. The news is that the way of the UK will soon hit our town too. The New church is coming. And all the men and woman behind the scenes are admitting it.
What will the church look like years or even weeks from now? We can all speculate. But I am thankful that there are those who are pursuing an authentic action and a heartfelt worship. Thanks to my friend, I am encouraged.
God is a the center of those who love him and I need a good report.

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