Monday, December 12, 2005


It's time to bring out the language tutor and begin the trip to Ukraine. This time Tim will be going too. I promised that if I came back next year, I would know more language. I am so thankful and excited, that if I start now, a little every day, I will speak better Russian. This future plan is a huge gift to me and keeps me focused. It's something to do. Not just something to think about, or something to theorize about.

This week I will finish tasks that distract me big around Christmas. Today I will mail things to people who can, for some reason, only receive a package from me. I will mail cards that only speak a whisper of my love for others. I am feeling very small today and looking for Christ. I'll know when I see Him.

This Christmas I will study Russian and bake. I will knit and hear a choir. But in it all, I will carve out a empty place for Christ to fill.

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