Monday, January 23, 2006

Shared Thought

Thy Grace is Sufficient

We're all trying to live it and figure it out it seems. Our faith that we claim is never stagnant.
Steve Norris quotes Peggy Noonan here:

"My mother, too, associated Catholicism with unhappy things, though she was not clear as to why. They married in 1947, my father just home from the war, and one belief they seemed to hold in common was that organized religion was for the old-fashioned, for hypocrites and creeps who would hit you on the head for wearing the wrong shoes.

They wanted to be modern, They wanted to leave their not-adequately lit apartments behind and enter the American sunlight. And while the church held little for them, other areas of life, which might even be called competing areas, seem more alluring."

Every Generation.
Even the Greatest Generation
Moved On
and Left behind the community
that seemed to offer them nothing.
And someone let them go
Some people didn't fight for them and
woo them
and love them through it.

Or maybe they just wanted out.
and they told themselves they were
When it may be that
They didn't seek to understand

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