Wednesday, April 12, 2006

Day Four and Five

Dear Cathy,
I finally began sewing last night. It has been two days of pasting up block patterns and not just talking about color relationships, but seeing them. Every eye has it's own DNA of rods and cones. My eye actually sees color slightly differently that your eye. Maybe we all knew that, but the thought should free us up from thinking that what we like is not "the right thing". Then, if there really is a problem with the quilt, the color theory can help solve it.I've settled in to a palette for Margie's quilt yesterday. Dull darks and intense lights make for a luminous design. So I'll be tesing out that theory as I sew together all my little 1, 2, and 3 inch squares. Also, more pieces make for more chances to place accents just where they are needed.

Of course, there is no shortage of talented people here. Many in my class have a very good color sense and I am amazed at how they see. For the first time though, I am here without any melancholy about what I am not. Must be age. It must be gratitude also.
This truly is a Holy Week for me. Seperate, pure and good. I keep thinking of Fr. Rossi and his red vestments. A week like this is a vestment for me. Soon I will take it off, but the moments I wore it will make a difference for me at home.

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