Sunday, April 09, 2006

Day Three

Hi Cathy!
I don't want to sound too happy-you're not here! But I am loving it so far. I have a room on the second floor of the Lodge with my bed under the window. I won't tell you I can see the waves breaking from my pillow. I have layed out all the "don't -forget-Cathy" items. But I especially thought of you when Emma Allebes got up and showed her quilts. You would love her. She is the Ultimate Grandma. She is "Oma" to her dears. She is famous for her Taxi Cab outfit (who wouldn't be!) and her grandaughter had her for Show and Tell. We have a new height to attain to as our future Grandmotherdom unfolds. It's good to be inspired.

I can't figure out how to segue into telling you about Mass this morning. It is Palm Sunday and unlike most of the other congregants, I was more than happy to stand through the reading of the Passion. I will have my palm branch pinned to my work board all week. I'm thinking of going to Holy Thursday service at the Carmel Mission.

Christine Barnes is a true Teacher. I've had a couple Ahha moments already, as in "Ah, color!"

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Vickie said...

Hi Suzanna...I read your know how to do so many things...yours is the first ever blog I've ever read, and it is the best.I especially enjoyed Checkers, the Taxi Granny, and the outstanding pics of your knitting. Looking forward to seeing your sweet face at PxP. Love, Vickie the Lou