Friday, April 07, 2006

Day One

Dear Cathy,
I'm on the first leg of the trip. I miss you already. I miss other people too, of course, but you're the one who should be here with me.
I made to The Apricot Tree Restaurant before I thought my bladder would explode. Which is not a good lead into a description of a late breakfast. Instead of getting something at the catholic McDonalds, I thought I would check out the specialties of the local diner. It was your kinda people, know what I mean? And it included the largest collection of vintage lunch boxes this side of the Rockies. I saw a stray cat out of the view from my booth; a nice corner spot over-looking the air conditioning unit. What was that poor kitty doing hanging out by the frreway? His tail was only half long.

I made it to Renegade by 12:30 with nary a hitch in the navigation of the 5/880/80/680/101 confusion past San Leandro. I usually always have story to tell in that mess. I remembered exactly where Mark's work is; navigation angels, probably. This place has grown so much. Tons of equipment, musicians friend. There; a plug for you Terry Morton to my vast blog readership... and you, of course, Cathy. I'm tagging along with them to a Jewish wedding in the City tomorrow.

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