Saturday, August 19, 2006


I've discovered Foxfire and how it will help me to make these posts all the more savvy. Content, however is another issue I'm still working on.

I'm finishing up Irresistable Revolution and instead of seeing a book that I am drawn to for it's comfirming message, I am being challenged to my roots.
Growing up, my faith community loved peace at any cost and the gospel at any price. But in the years between then and now I have opted for a preaching gospel rather than a practicing gospel.
I had been lured all these years with looking "right" rather than being right. Just in the past few weeks I have been given the chance to turn the other cheek. I am now seeing the enormous life calling of imaginative redemptive action. This is only the beginning of my education.
Rather than harping on it, I am doing it. I absorb the cynicism that comes from suggesting that High Schoolers can make a church. I whittle down the enormous piles of material that I have accumulated for the past 22 years. Instead of saying goodbye to my children, growing up and moving out, I welcoming any and all people who I meet through my days looking for God in their faces and being Christ for them by some grace.

Today I am given and today I will

  • Welcome anything that Replenishes
  • Give everything without measure
  • Forgive so that today can hold the whole weight of blessing
It's not so much that I need to switch political parties or eat certain foods. But I may need to line up with the changes that are happening within in me. I may have to become someone many would not expect in order to be the person I expect to be.

The post is looking pretty good. How's the content?

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