Wednesday, August 16, 2006

The Greatest Prize

Are you surfing around and reading anything and everything about Soliton? I am and I love that the sharing hasn't stopped. A whole year for me to gather up into friendships that for others are pages deeper. We all can share. And for such a small number, relatively, we are blooming so large. So find out what you can and share the heart of thought you have, we're listening.
Just being present is a prayer. I am coming back home to my own body, realizing my worth at just being here. Because all those years of digesting Christ have to lead to some sort of trust that He is having his way with me, even if I mess up. Many of the questions that last year's Soliton stirred up in me remain silent and unknowable still, but who cares? I'm amoung friends now. The best has taken me in. The best in me will take in others and never again have to insist on their finished package. Christ allows me to treasure them in this moment. Hospitality is a thick road in a narrow way.

The hurting is there no doubt. We all come rich with feeling because of what's wrong with everything. We know deeply that we want this acceptance for everyone. And there is a hospitality that goes the whole way. It says "No matter who you are, I will welcome you in." No small task when we carry the victim around inside us, or the aggressive arguer inside us. For a time, we set that aside to welcome the other. Some of us have more stamina is all. But we got a taste at Soliton. Some giving what is seemingly menial and obvious: a warm bed, a meal, a bottle of water. We crown them with words or prayers, they were not unseen or unappreciated. And for those of us who walked in the door and out again, we will imitate you and echo your gift.
The Bridge without their own home was the greatest prize at Soliton. Their authentic self in hospitality.


Jon said...

Suzanna, I seem to have missed connecting with you two Solitons in a row now! I'm in San Jose. Where in California are you?

jacob_maag said...
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