Monday, August 14, 2006

Let Me Count the Ways

I loved my two weeks. That should be a title: My Two Weeks.
The time at the center of my life. So many things culminated for me during this time away from home. I set new values, new trends and solidified deep resolutions. Alaska, Seattle, and Ventura. All these places had me meeting and finding friends that made me feel loved, beautiful and contributing. Nice way to set the pace for goings ahead.

I drove away from Ventura and all of Soliton with a minimal of tears. This in itself a testament of solid gifts ground deep. It's only a walk around the park until I meet these Favored Ones again. You know how time is speeding up. I'll let it work for me now.

The Summer of Reading had me ready to give. I was not found out of sorts or quizzical of signs. Time spent alone, rather than being a selfish thing, had me thinking and responding to many different people.
Some were those I met on the street. I had time to pause and see them.
Some I held in my thoughts and prayers in anticipation of meeting/reunion. Time spent well.
I revisited places from some tender years. The bittersweet memories were held in the light of these new inner friends. We carry our dear ones with us, admit it. I let them speak to me and I listened to their love for me. I hope to spend some time writing impressions from this time in the days ahead. I'll listen for what continues to echo.

I think on Him my focus and
my re-member.
I pass over fear by loving
and surrendering to
God who holds it all

Bless you
Bless you
Bless you

I move under you the grass beneath your feet
I whisper and caress you the cool of breeze
I light upon you the grey moon of muscle
I open your hand the fitted form and tender

You bend under weight of days and patient watching
You cradle witness of the funeral
You think and write a parallel network
You pace a landscape unseen
my brain a spongy soil.

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