Friday, December 29, 2006


And while some women are starting with the basics, cutting from patterns or stitching a seam, others are reinventing the craft by altering their old clothing for a custom look.

For many, sewing their own clothes is a backlash against the cookie-cutter, mass-produced clothing available in stores.

...or to slow down the modern greed that comes from our media loving society.
I went clothing shopping only once in the past six months, and that was to shop in San Fransisco with my daughter. Even then I looked at labels, thinking that "USA" meant better working standards for laborers. But I can never know for sure.

So I make my own now.
My aunt Mary taught me, for which I am even more grateful for these days. I made clothes in my early twenties because it was fun. I was obsessed by it. It was cheaper and allowed me to have the special quality I couldn't afford.
Now I need the pace of sewing. I need to stop and consider what my purchase means for not only my well-endowed closet, but also for the economic machine that tells me what's "in". I don't want to play anymore.

I want the steady pace of perusing patterns. I will carefully and consciously cut the pieces. I can match up raw edges and mend mistakes. I'll get caught up in the metaphorical and end up with something warm.

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BJ said...

I love the idea of the pace of sewing. I know nothing about sewing and fear if I ever tried my fingers would end up somehow attached to whatever mess I was trying to fix. Your warm words and warm clothes mend my spirit today. Bless you.