Tuesday, January 02, 2007


We're all interested in "what comes next" at the beginning of the year. I was able to go to the Rose Bowl with some family and we had a wonderful time. Being on the winning side helps. At my suggestion, we closed off the day with a Guiness at the Beckham Pub. Can't help having one without thinking of friends far away. I am thinking of all my friends today and really trying to take it all in. I heard news of the death of a dear lady, which has effected me deeply. It all feels so fleeting and precious. The times that I think are so "every-day" may end up meaning so much more than I ever suspected. I don't understand the heart and I don't understand love. But I need both.

I'm cleaning out the sewing room and arranging priorites. This song is going through my head and I want you to hear it. Everyone prays Wartime Prayers.

Be brave and say the prayer your heart can't quite believe. It will all add up to the greatness that we need.


Variations On A Theme said...

Found you through your comment at Sharp Yellow Pencil. Enjoyed looking at your blog. We have many similar interests. Just wanted to let you know you were heard.
Peace, Lisa

Jeff said...

Good Morning! I have spent several snippets of time over the past few weeks checking in on your blogs. You are obviously a person who does things (insted of talking about doing things). Your posts on sewing and knitting struck me particularly for your motives in doing such activities. Motives, really, are all that we have in the end, and gift giving tells more about the giver than the receiver. Anyway...I am enjoying your writings and poetry. Keep it up!

Robin Anderson said...

Dear Vanguard Community,
I'm pleased to let you know that recordings of Brennan Manning's 5 part chapel series, "Healing Our Image of God and Ourselves," is now available for purchase through the Spiritual Formation department. If you are interested in owning 1 or all of these recordings, please complete the attached order form and send to Cathi Workman (cathi.workman@vanguard.edu). We are excited to make this series available and pray that it helps you in continuing to discover God's furious love for you.

Cathi Workman
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I can forward you the order form

Jeremy Kennedy said...

Yay for postgame celebrations.

I definitely resonate with The Prayer You Can't Quite Believe. I used to think Believing was the easy part...