Wednesday, February 07, 2007


ab-o-li-tion: the action or act of abolishing a system, practice or institution:

Last night I sat and listened to Dave Batstone speak about modern day slavery. Some wonderful people are fired up to "spend themselves on behalf of the hungry and satisfy the needs of the oppressed"

I'll be lending a hand.

Batstone has a way of invitation. He spoke with gentleness and eloquence. There is no need to "spin" the story of slavery. It's the story of women and children who are caught in forced labor no less devastating than what once ruled the US less than three generations ago. The Land of the Free is certainly not free for too many. Yes, the slaves are right here. In restaurants, city centers, and attractive travel locations. And there is a large segment of our society who indulge in the use of young women.

And this may be the last concern of an overly de-sensitized community.

As we confront racism, let us continue on to tackle the short-sighted quality of our environment. Who serves your food? What kind of coffee and chocolate are you buying? Who made your clothes? Where are you going on vacation? What are you doing there? What are the people in your life doing at parties?

We think it could never be us. The romancing of the plantation owner of yesteryear keeps us from identification.
The Abolition Movement is alive and well. Join it.

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