Thursday, February 01, 2007

From Here, They are Harmless

There is a world of words to hear and to read and
write and breathe. And my breath to live them

And a poem to be written, some unseen wisdom
that can only be known in the telling

There it spills out like water, exhales like air
the hope of a moment fixed like a star
Thank God for night, right now! Thank God for night-
the exhale of day
the space to see stars

From here, they are harmless
meant for beauty and dreams
Properly attended
out of reach

Respect the unknowing and relenquish the end
that you crave; a mere motive to walk and live
An object of nature not to be known
is your intellect humbled, an inhabited home.

1 comment:

GORDANA said...

great poem, I see at news that snow in Kalifornia!